17 March 2010

Transgendered Lives

I have, for a lot of reasons, become the ad-hoc lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer career-specialist in my office. There are a tremendous variety of things that this means, effects that LGBTQ identities and lives can have upon employment, education, and life experiences.

But one of the other things that mean is that I annually offer an LGBTQ Issues in Career Advising training to my office. It's awesome that I work in a place that this is something that is welcomed and, in fact, requested by others and it's also sad that it's notable.

One of the issues we spend a lot of time on, every time I've done this training, is sex-gender-sexuality-identity, how they're different, and what this means for transgender identity/ies and what transgender identities mean for employment.

This video is what I plan on using for the next trainings I do. It's excellent starting point on transgender and genderqueer identities and EVERYONE should watch it.

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