25 January 2010

Clothing, Redux.

Tonight, I had a conversation for the fosterkidlet of some friends. She's 12 and, goddamn, is 12 hard. And she is AWESOME. She is doing an awesome program to increase civic engagement in junior high and high school students in DC this spring and we were talking about whether she was excited about it.

"I guess so," she said, shrugging.

"You're NOT?" I said, amazed.

"No, it sounds cool, but I'm not excited about the clothes."

Apparently, students are expected to dress appropriately - no jeans, no Uggs, business-casual at least.

So the friend-fosterkidlet and I made a pact - we'd go shopping together to find stuff that was awesome that made us both feel good.

Maybe I need to start at being 12 years old and not hating myself as much. Maybe.

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