12 August 2009

I know you! I see you. Come over here. You are shaped like me.

So I've been obsessively reading through The Blogess' archives lately. She's funny, she's snarky, she seems to find her amazing Internet Friend Nancy W. Capps, Paralegal as amazing as I do.

And mostly? It's funny.

But then I came to this post, written by people who attended BlogHer and found some kind of connection.

The idea of looking at the world like Picasso is amazing, but even more?

Sometimes, we just recognize people. We look at them and we think "You. I know you. I've always known you or I should have."

And it's not about their faces or their bodies or anything nearly that visible. But it's like the triangles and circles in us recognize the triangles and circles in them.

One of the best people I know is coming to see me in two weeks. And I had that kind of recognition with her, like her rhombus looked kind of like my rhombus.

I thank whatever there is out there, actually, for the friends I've made through my mind and the lizard brain part of my head that sees people as having something that looks like me.

I never would have been brave enough to befriend most of you. But my life wouldn't be anything like it is without it.

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